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General Forum Rules

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  1. Do NOT disrespect any of the other members. This means NO trolling, flaming or public bashing.
    NOTE: If you have an issue with another member try to resolve it in private; if it is site related, a staff member may be able to help.

    No bashing of our staff, or discussion of any of their decisions in public, is allowed or tolerated. If you feel a staff member has been unfair, you may contact an administrator/super moderator to resolve the issue.
  2. Try to be active and post regularly. Although not mandatory it will increase your member status.
  3. No hentai, including images of nudity, in your signatures or avatars. Try to keep the adult stuff in the hentai sections, please.
  4. No overly obscene language.
    NOTE: Obscene language is not forbidden but be sensible and don't go over the top...
  5. No spamming. Try to post constructively and in keeping with the current topic. The spam and forum games sections are exempt from this rule.
  6. No discussions about politics or religions. Any thread about these (or turning into one of these) will be closed on sight.
  7. Don't post hidden links on public boards/blogs/whatever. This includes the public sections of AS.
  8. Do not post personal details on the public forum. Use your profile and your personal blogs to post personal info that you might want other members to see.
  9. Use the forum's search feature before posting a problem or question (chances are it has been answered before).
  10. Do not post the contents of Personal Messages, either sent or received, without the express consent of both parties. They are personal, keep them that way.
  11. NO ADVERTISING in the forum unless expressly permitted by an administrator. Please note that mentioning of other websites (including other forums, communities, or blogs, whether or not related to anime/manga), products or services is not considered advertisement.
  12. Only English language is to be used in the forum (except for Japanese in names and descriptions).
  13. Do not fully quote long posts. If you need to quote a specific post (that is lengthy) in your reply, edit out the bits that aren't relevant.
  14. No profanity/racism/URLs as user names.

Be thoughtful and helpful and do not abuse our staff publicly or privately - you will be banned. We all make mistakes: If you make one and get a warning: Take it, it will not be there for long. If you feel you have been subject to abuse or haven’t been treated fairly by our staff, contact an administrator/super moderator with the situation and it will be dealt with.

Staff Discretion Applies
Anime Sharing staff will use their own discretion and judgment to apply any action that is deemed necessary. All staff decisions will be deemed final unless there is just cause for review by an administrator/super moderator on request of a member.

All administrator decisions are final.

If you do not understand any of the above rules or guidelines, and you require further explanation, you may contact a staff member for further assistance.

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