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  3. [Guide] Gem for shield

    [Guide] gem for shield Soul of black dragon,Undead Azrael,Yellow Jade,Red Jade,Green Jade and Chaitan Jade can put at shield
  4. [Event]New Player Reward

    To all Pirate War players(New/Old)...Now you are eligible to get Unseal 75 equipments (Death Set + Death Cap + Death Weapon + 100m gold notes)with simple steps!!! For the terms and conditions : 1. You must join our main Facebook Group ( Notes: *Facebook must be set as public view *More than 1 year old account 2. Invite 3 friends to join our group 3. Send an email to ( this information *Username: *Ingame Name: *Facebook Name: *List of friends joined: 1) 2) 3) 4. This offer are valid until the end of November 2017 and can be redeem for one time only 5. For any question regarding this offer you can post it in Myth Network Forum ( So what are you waiting for,grab it now before its too late!!!
  5. Pirates War - PVP Server Website : Forum - Client : FB Group : Server Type: ü Medium – Hard ü PVP / PVE / Little FARM Features: ü Max Lv : 150 ü Pet Max Lv : 151 (Upgrade to lv200 using Pet Upgrade Voucher) ü Weapon Upgrade System ü All gem in-game through Lottery ü Best Armor in-game (Hard Work) ü Leveling guide - Talk GM Lili for instant lv150 (recommended) and leveling at Leveling Map (those who want enter COD55) ü Normal Pet 2nd slot, August Pet 3rd slot and Myth Pet 5th slot Maps: ü Main PVP Map - COD, COD55, VOD, Chaos Argent, Open PVP and PVP Arena ü Main Map - Argent, Shaitan and Icicle ü Additional Map - Guild Pk map and few etc map Currency: ü Myth Reward ü Golden Coin ü Silver Coin ü Copper Coin ü Kal Runestone ü Gold(money)
  6. 1. You can buy Mall Point from Maller using this method - Sell gem and any stuff to Maller with price been agree by both player - Pay direct to Maller with price been agree by both player 2. Contact Administrator MukaHanTu in-game for transaction process 3. Each transaction fee is 5 Mall Point, it will deduce from Maller Mall Point
  7. [Guide] Upgrade Kylin

    To all player please follow this step to upgrade kylin to corp kylin
  8. You can start the Story Quests by talking to Newbie Guide - Senna(Argent- 2223,2785) Task 1) Secretary Message Look for Secretary Salvier(Argent- 2219,2749) Reward:250 exp, 999g, 875 life exp. LifeSkill Points until now: 0 Task 2) A Small Task Look for General - William(Argent City Harbor-2277,2831) Reward: 230 exp, 1000g, 875 life exp, 1 life skill point. LifeSkill Points until now: 1 Task 3) Food for the Navy Collect 10x Elven Fruits, dropped by lvl1 Mystic Shrubs just outside (Argent- 2093,2661 Ascaron). Collect 10x Sea Snail Meat, dropped by lvl8 Sea Snail on the shore south-west from (Argent- 1988,2836 Ascaron). Collect 3x Hard shells too from here. You will need them later on quest 6-1. Collect 5 Bubble Clam Meat, dropped by lvl9 Bubble Clams, still following the south-west shore (1888, 2993 Ascaron). Go back to General - William (Argent- 2277,2831 Ascaron) Reward: 230 exp, 1000g, 875 life exp. LifeSkill Points until now: 1 Task 4) Missing Tommy Look for Tommy(Argent- 1962, 2694) Reward: 230 exp, 1100g, 875 life exp. LifeSkill Points until now: 1 Task 5) Report to General Hand the letter to General William(Argent- 2277,2831) Reward: 230 exp, 1100g, 875 life exp. LifeSkill Points until now: 1 Task 6) Food Poisoning Obtain "Antidote Parcel" x1 Deliver it to Phisician - Ditto(Argent- 2250,2770 Ascaron). Task 6-1) Quest for Antidote Collect 3 Cashmeres from lvl8 Cuddly Lambs (2072, 2614 Ascaron). Collect 3 Piglet Tails from lvl10 Piglets (1989, 2578 Ascaron). Collect 3 Hard Shells from lvl8 Sea Snails (1988, 2836 Ascaron). Return to Phisician - Ditto(Argent- 2250, =2770 Ascaron). Reward: 250 exp, 1200g, 875 life exp, 1 LifeSkill Point, 1 Antidote Parcel. LifeSkill Points until now: 2 Deliver the Antidote Parcel to General - William(Argent- 2277,2831 Ascaron). Reward: 250 exp, 1200g, 875 life exp. LifeSkill Points until now: 2 Task 7) Tommy's Request Ask Ditto(Argent- 2250,2770) about the Wacky Lamb incident. Reward: 280 exp, 1300g, 875 life exp. LifeSkill Points until now: 2 Task 8) A Crazy Reason Obtain " Whacky Lamb Saliva" 5x Collect 5 " Whacky Lamb Saliva" from lvl14 Whacky Lambs at (1968, 2697 Ascaron). Reward: 280 exp, 1300g, 875 life exp. LifeSkill Points until now: 2 Task 9) Thorough Investigation Obtain " Great King Pearl" 1x Find lvl15 Great King Clam going north from (Argent- 2048,2514). Head back to Physician Ditto(Argent-2250,2770). Reward: 1500 exp, 6000g, 875 life exp. LifeSkill Points until now: 2 Task 10) Ditto's Report Send the report to Argent Secretary - Salvier at (Argent- 2219,2749) Reward: 350 exp, 1500g, 3400 life exp, 1 LifeSkill Point. LifeSkill Points until now: 3
  9. may i know what timezone is this based?
  10. [Info] PVP Map Rewards

    yes...1 for each player
  11. [Info] PVP Map Rewards

    how many Bd gems on CA? 1 for each player in?
  12. NPC - Pirate Chest(Argent- 2203,2723) 1) Skeletar Chest - Equipment lvl 30 2) Incantation Chest - Equipment lvl 40 3) Evanescence Chest - Weapon lvl 50 4) Enigma Chest - Equipment lvl 60 5) Chest of Magenta - Weapon lvl 70 6) Ring lvl 50 & 60 7) Necklace lvl 50 & 60 Notes: *You are required to bring enough gold for each item. NPC - Unseal 65(Argent- 2201,2721) 1) Judgment of Enigma 2) Blade of Enigma 3) Staff of Enigma 4) Staff of the Sphinx 5) Kris of the Sphinx 6) Rifle of Enigma Notes: *You are required to bring 10 kals for each weapon. NPC - Unseal 75(Argent- 2201,2719) 1) Crown of Decedent - 2 kals 2) Honorary Crown of Kings - 40 kals 3) Arthur's Faith - 60kals 4) Darkness Emissary for Crusader - 2 kals 5) Tear of Hardin for Champion - 2 kals 6) Penitent of Asura for Voyager - 2 kals 7) Abaddon Vanquisher for SharpShooter - 2 kals 8) Putrescence Bone of Abyss for Cleric - 2 kals 9) Vow of Styx for Seal Master - 2 kals 10) Chest of Darkness for Crusader - 2 kals 11) Chest of Hardin for Champion - 2 kals 12) Chest of Abaddon for SharpShooter - 2 kals 13) Chest of Asura for Voyager - 2 kals 14) Chest of Abyss for Cleric - 2 kals 15) Chest of Styx for Seal Master - 2 kals NPC - Unseal 85(Argent- 2201,2716) 1) Eternity Protection - 5 kals 2) Blade of Darkness - 5 kals 3) Sword of Hardin - 5 kals 4) Dead of Hardin - 5 kals 5) Firegun of Death - 5 kals 6) Firegun of Life - 5 kals 7) Bow of Vanquish - 5 kals 8) Bow of Death - 5 kals 9) Dagger of Asura - 5 kals 10) Dagger of Light - 5 kals 11) Staff of Abyss - 5 kals 12) Staff of Boss - 2 kals 13) Staff of Styx - 5 kals 14) Staff of Light - 5 kals 15) Amulet of Darkness - 2 kals 16) Amulet of Hardin - 2 kals 17) Amulet of Styx - 2 kals 18) Amulet of Abyss - 2 kals 19) Amulet of Abaddon - 2 kals 20) Amulet of Asura - 2 kals
  13. 1. Buy Mordo Jr pet at Pet NPC(Argent - 2211,2782) 2. Buy str,acc,con agi fruit and use it 3. Now you already have lvl 4 pet with all lvl 1 stats in it 4. If you wanna make STR mix pet,use 1 more str fruit(now your pet are lvl 5) 5. Simply use Great STR fruit(+2 str) from lvl 5 until 151 Notes : *Make sure your pet stamina is full when feeding fruit *Can use this guide to make Acc/Con/Spr/Agi/ mix pet
  14. Player can get lottery from here Chest Ex-Kasumi Grand Item Chest of Azreal Glare lv1-9 Chest of Azreal Undead lv1-9 Chest of Azreal Light lv1-9 Chest of Azreal Aggregation lv1-9 Chest of Azreal Dance lv1-9 Normal Gem - Random lv1-4 Gem of Wind Deity Chest Gem of Striking Deity Chest Gem of Colossus Deity Chest Gem of Rage Deity Chest Gem of Soul Deity Chest Refining Gem Deity Chest Yellow Jade Deity Chest Red Jade Deity Chest Green Jade Deity Chest Chiatan's Aura Deity Chest Lock's Hit Deity Chest Bing's Dodging Deity Chest Feng's Defense Deity Chest Shark's Strengthening Deity Chest Unique Gem - Random lv1-4 Eye of Black Dragon Deity Chest Soul of Black Dragon Deity Chest Heart of Black Dragon Deity Chest Rare Gem - Random lv1-4 Azrael's Glare Deity Chest Undead Azrael Deity Chest Azrael's Light Deity Chest Azrael's Aggregation Deity Chest Azrael's Dance Deity Chest Armors Black Dragon Torso Black Dragon Claw Black Dragon Wing Black Dragon Helm Upgrade Stone to Corp BD Rings Ring of Darkness Ring of Hardin Ring of Styx Ring of Abyss Ring of Abaddon Ring of Asura Myth Lottery Ticket Neck Speed of Light Hp Kal Runestone Some Weapon Lv85 Some Potion
  15. [Guide] Apparel NPC

    Champion Apparel Npc at shaitan Lance Apparel NPC at icicle Phyllis Apparel NPC at spring town
  16. Instead of using GC for ingame currency, you also can get some other items with it. For example: 1)Lottery(Chest Ex - Kasumi) 2)Silver coin(Coin Ex - Rika) 3)2nd Rebirth card(Misc Item Seller) 4)Hyper Fairy Ration(PW Fairy Ration) How to obtain GC: 1)Be active in PvP Maps 2)Buy it from players 3)Win ingame contest(event) Notes: *1x Myth reward = 5 coppers *2x Myth rewards = 10 coppers = 1 silver *20x Myth rewards = 100 coppers = 10 silvers = 1 Golden coin (NPC for change ; Coin Ex - Rika coor : 2229,2790 - argent city) Kindly be advised that those Myth Reward are untradable...
  17. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium [Life Time] virus total scan result Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium [Life Time] Download Link:
  18. Rules Section

    Please include virus total link result when you post any software in this section. Please use A post without virus total link result will be deleted and owner post will be ban. Thank you.
  19. Medal of Guild Use: Navy Guild or Pirates Guild Icicle Royal - Mas [1346,451] Navy Commander - Dessaro [713,1416] Require Items to Make a Guild -Gold Coin [Coin Ex - Rika] Argent City [2218,2787] -Medal of Guild [Quest of Medal of Guild] Icicle Royal - Mas [1346,451] -Stone of Oath [Canary Isle Boss] Jack - Black Sail [1642,3747] Magical Ocean -100k Money Quest: Medal of Guild 1 -Find 1st Guild Councilman - Ruben Actus [at land outside shaitan] -Coordinates [1131,3153] -Region [Magical Ocean] Medal of Guild 2 -Find 2nd Guild Councilman - Yulandor [at land outside icicle] -Coordinate [789,795] -Region [Deep Blue] Medal of Guild 3 -Find 3rd Guild Councilman - Mallack [argent Thundoria Castle] -Coordinate [706,1465] -Region [Argent City] Medal of Guild 4 -Find 4th Guild Councilman - Fardell [argent SEA ] suggestion: Build ship at thundoria harbor and go to the coord -Coordinate [3153,674] -Region [Argent City] Medal of Guild 5 -Find 5th Guild Councilman - Ramus: Build ship at icicle harbor (1214,681) and set sail down to the coordinate pinpoint [2297, 3723] and it should be below auturm at a little island -Coordinate [2297,3723] -Region [Deep Blue] Medal of Guild 6 -Find 6th Guild Councilman - Buni [At sea] -Coordinate [2042,635] -Region [Magical Ocean] Medal of Guild 7 -Find 7th Guild Councilman - Fukei or Forbie -Fukei coord: Belmont Plains Argent 2291,2496 (upper of argent city) -Coordinate [2042,635] -Region [Magical Ocean] Reward: Medal of Guild Good luck on ur Navy or Pirates Guild
  20. Stack Full Ring will give you Extra Stat List ring :- 1. God Realm Ring 2. Mythical Ring of Power 3. Mythical Ring of Precision 4. Mythical Ring of Intelligence *Hint: You need to do fast in order to not remove ur current ring glow, if ur slow after some stack, all glow will removed and u have to re-stack over* 1. Used 2x God Realm Ring = Glow Ring left to stack are: Mythical Ring of Power Mythical Ring of Precision Mythical Ring of Intelligence 2. Now double click on 1x Precision (Now you should have 1x God Realm Ring on Second Ring Slot + 1x Precision Ring on First Ring Slot) 3. Drag the God Realm Ring on Second Ring Slot as fast as possible and Double click on ur 2nd Precision Ring in inventory 4. Now you should have 2x Precision Ring equipped + God Realm Ring Glow + Precision Ring Glow Repeat these steps for other glow and sure you will have all 4 ring glow stack If you leave game, Die-in-Game, or Disconnect your stack will be removed into the ring u currently used
  21. .: Why donate to us?:. Donations are obviously a big part in keeping most private servers alive,Without them,we would n`t be able to carry on with this server.This donation guarantees you,the players,a long term stability,an assurance that the server will not shut down suddenly to lack of funds,and the ability to keep the server lag-free by upgrading accordingly with the server population.It also prevents us,admins,from having to do last- minute unbalanced donation promotions in order to keep the server alive.Funding above the defined threshold may be used to compensate the server administrators for their time and work spent on maintaining the servers.Please keep this in mind before you decide to donate. We grateful to accept donation through our server to obtain and maintain the server with more stable as ever.We grateful thanks to players who already donated to us and others who wants to donate.We will keep this server running in a perfect method as we can for you all.We need your donation to make this server rock and more stable.For donating,you will get the best items in the game.Fell free to look all the list of the best items you can get. Thank You ARMOR WEAPON ACCESSORY Ring of Precision Ring of Power Ring of Intelligence Necklace of Speed Necklace of Durability God Realm Ring GEMS
  22. Main PVP Map - COD, COD55, VOD, Chaos Argent, Open PVP and PVP Arena COD & COD 55 1st winner = 3 Myth rewards 2nd Runner = 2 Myth rewards 3rd Runner = 1 Myth reward VOD 1st = 4 Myth rewards & 1 ref lv5 2nd = 4 Myth rewards & 1 ref lv4 3rd = 4 Myth rewards & 1 ref lv3 4-6 = 3 Myth rewards 7-8 = 2 Myth rewards 9-10 = 1 Myth reward Chaos Argent Last 1 player = 2 Myth Rewards Last 5 player = BD gems Notes : *You must stay inside the pvp map when it's close. *Logout or leave the PvP Maps will counts as a loss and will not be given any rewards. *Random potions will be given based on your amount of kills - applicable only for COD & COD55
  23. COD ( Icicle 1320,578) - Open every 2 Hour VOD (Shaitan 820,3650) - Open every 3 Hour COD55 (Thundoria Castle 760,1460) - Open every 2 Hour CA ( Icicle 1370,532) - Open every 4 hour Time Table
  24. Your pet low stamina, grab here
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