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  • Ran Manager

    This is the ran manager I've been using since EP4 but now
    I'm adjusting it so the default Ran database will be supported.
    It supports EP4, EP6 & EP7.

    Released Date: November 22, 2012
    v1.4 Ran Manager v1.4
    a. Fixed not found error in inventory
    b. Import item table now supports user defined nullable columns in ShopPurchase
    c. Fixed error on Send Item when ShopPurchase is different from default ShopPurchase

    Released Date: November 20, 2012
    v.1.3 Ran Manager v1.3
    a. Fixed negative value not suported for PK, life pt,etc
    b. Item table file is now used for puton and inventory
    c. Skill Table file is now used for skill editor
    d. Fixed purkey not being detected when not set as primary key causing an error on send items due to identity problem

    v.1.2 Ran Manager v1.2
    Released Date: October 27, 2012
    a. Fixed crash error on User Account
    b. Added user list when you select send to online user

    v.1.1 Ran Manager v1.1
    Released Date: October 27, 2012
    a. Import Item Table now allows updating of existing item when you re-import your item table
    b. Import Skill Table now functional
    c. Save Inventory now enabled
    d. Save Puton now enabled
    e. Added advanced filtering - filter base on your table structure
    f. Redesign Character Basic Info
    g. Increase level limit in Character Basic Info
    h. Added Guild menu in preparation of editing Guild detail
    i. Fixed some database incompatibility error

    v. - Ran Manager v1.0.0.5
    a. Fixed incorrect user type
    b. Fixed database incompatibility errors
    c. Added Import Item Table functionality - Tools\Import Item Table
    d. Fixed face style not saving correctly in Character Editor
    e. Fixed error on save when computer is setup in a different regional settings(i.e Thai)

    v. - Ran Manager v1.0.0.4
    a. Fixed database incompatibility errors
    b. Increase resistance max value to 255
    c. Add Item Locator - can be found under Tools menu - check all characters for an existence of an item/items in inventory or in bank.It can serve as dupe/hack item checker as well.
    d. PutOn and Inventory update still disabled as we need to make sure that every values are correct.

    v. - Ran Manager v1.0.0.3
    a. Fixed some failed to enable constraints error.
    b. Fixed incorrect syntax near C

    v. - Ran Manager v1.0.0.2
    a. Fixed some failed to enable constraints error.
    b. Enabled Clean deleted characters
    c. Send Item Now fully working - you can send item to all user, online user or specific users
    d. Added settings.ini with Auto login functionality.

    v. - RanManager v1.0.0.1

    Some functionality are as follows:
    1. Supports any database name - you can use RanGame2 instead of RanGame1, etc
    2. Skill Editor - add, remove skill or edit skill level
    3. Item Bank - add or remove items
    4. User Info Editor - edit basic info
    5. Character Info Editor - edit basic info, configurable class list - just check class.ini inside config folder
    6. Clear Friend's List
    7. Player Online count - show number of online players
    8. Locker - In Progress
    9. Put On -In Progress
    10. Inventory - In Progress
    11. Copy Character - In Progress
    12. etc

    Suggested Functionality
    1. Read from Item/Skill Table text file
    2. Auto login - implemented

    Future Functionality
    1. Item Checker - like dupe checker for all characters
    2. Edit Skill Action Slot
    3. Wing Slot
    4. etc

    Note: Just report any bugs or suggest any functionality that you want to be added.
    Updates might take time as I'm busy with my work.

    Copy info from and credit to PrinceOfPersia
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